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Research Champions

ACCRF has been fortunate to work with talented and motivated researchers from across the globe.

Here we list a few of the scientists who have made seminal contributions to the field of ACC research.

Dr. Göran Stenman, DMD, PhD has been a tireless champion of ACC research for nearly two decades and has advanced our understanding of the disease while fostering an international network of ACC research collaboration.

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Dr. Christopher Moskaluk

With an extraordinary commitment to collaboration, Dr. Christopher Moskaluk has accelerated ACC research, contributing to progress in animal models, drug discovery and clinical trials.

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Dr. Adel El-Naggar's expertise and collaborative spirit have spurred numerous advances in ACC biobanking, genomics and target identification.

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ACCRF Scientific Advisory Board

ACCRF’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has been fundamental to all the foundation’s activities, laying the groundwork for the remarkable research progress of the past several years.

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