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Research Toolkit

The entire purpose of ACCRF is to support researchers, at every stage, for the benefit of ACC patients.

Making progress in a rare disease can be challenging due to limited specimens, models, funding and attention. However, ACCRF coordination has significantly overcome these obstacles. Academic and industry scientists may reach out to ACCRF for help in their efforts, including the following:

  • Orienting to the ACC research landscape
  • Accessing banked specimens, cell cultures and mouse models (PDXs and GEMMs)
  • Accessing bioinformatic information on human specimens and mouse models
  • Identifying collaborators with complementary interests and capabilities
  • Identifying potential funding sources
  • Conducting preclinical genetic and drug screening
  • Designing and recruiting for clinical trials
  • Communicating with the ACC patient community

Since ACCRF was founded in December 2005, a vibrant community of researchers, supported by patients, has sprung into action. A collaborative spirit has led to the sharing of specimens, models and data that is uncommon in scientific research. The research environment is complex but researchers may depend upon ACCRF to assist in any way possible at every stage.