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Founder's Story

Marnie Kaufman was 38 years old, with four sons under the age of 10, when she received her diagnosis of ACC.

Frustrated at the lack of ongoing ACC research, she and her husband, Jeff, formed ACCRF in 2005. A dedicated core of family, friends and researchers jumpstarted a global, cutting-edge research effort. Since then, the generosity of ACCRF supporters has permitted a network of brilliant and productive ACC researchers to flourish. After 15 years, there has been plenty of progress and, yet, so much still to be done!

Marnie intends to watch her four young sons grow up to have families of their own and, like thousands of other ACC survivors, to “sit on a rocker in my old age and enjoy watching the sun come up.”

The Kaufman family in 2004

The Kaufman family in 2004…

The Kaufman family today!

…and years later!