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Irwin and Joan Jacobs

Irwin and Joan Jacobs have been cornerstones of ACCRF’s progress. Without their dedicated support and guidance, ACC research would not have grown into such a significant field that has provided countless patients with justifiable hope for better treatments.

Diagnosed in 2006, Irwin Jacobs soon learned of ACCRF’s work from the front-page of the Wall Street Journal and reached out to learn more. He and his wife Joan recognized an important opportunity to advance treatments for all ACC patients. Since then, they have provided over one-quarter of ACCRF’s charitable donations, allowing ACCRF staff to focus less on fundraising and more on scientific breakthroughs. The Jacobs became the founding members of the Circle of Sustenance, a group of donors who cover ACCRF’s daily operations to ensure that all new donations go directly and completely towards research.

But beyond their incredible generosity, the Jacobs have been unwavering allies in the fight for a cure. Understanding the crucial value of expanding the scope of ACC research, Irwin and Joan hosted two ACCRF Scientific Forums of leading cancer researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies where he serves as Chair Emeritus of the Board of Trustees. As Irwin noted, “we believe that ACCRF’s research and clinical efforts are pivotal not only because I have suffered from ACC as have many others, but also because I believe these efforts provide a valuable model for organizing attacks on other rare cancers.”

More than a decade on, the global ACC patient and research community continues to feel the impact of the Jacobs’ commitment and generosity.