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Ella Pinney and Family

Pinney Family 2018
Pinney Family 2018

A young mother diagnosed with ACC might be forgiven for blocking out the world and focusing on only her immediate family. British patient Ella Pinney refused to shrink within her own world. Instead, while chasing around an energetic toddler, Ella decided to push on multiple fronts to raise awareness and funds for ACC research. Remarkably, and with the support of her loving family, Ella raised more than $500,000 for ACCRF and lined up additional industry support for a major ACC research effort at the University of Manchester.

While exploring and undergoing treatments for her metastatic ACC, Ella managed to plan and host a gala dinner and auction at Pergola Paddington in London in September 2018. The effort was called FIGHTBACC and attracted several hundred people in the largest ACC fundraising event ever. Ella’s husband James and her parents Gavin and Venetia were indispensable in FIGHTBACC’s success, as was an extended network of family and friends. Ella’s ability to rally and energize such a large group was a testament to her personal warmth and organizational acumen.
The United Kingdom is seeing a surge of activity within the ACC community of patients and researchers. Ella’s powerful resolve had an enormous impACCt!