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Email Updates Archive

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08.18.15 - New Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals
We just updated the list of articles in peer-reviewed journals authored by ACCRF-funded investigators, with nine new articles so far...
05.04.15 - ACCRF Online Fundraiser
Fund a need to help accelerate treatments and a cure.
01.01.15 - ACCRF 10 Year Chart of Accomplishments
Now entering our tenth year, there is so much for us to celebrate, and, yet, so much still to be...
12.31.14 - ACCRF Year-End Letter 2014
A summary of recent accomplishments, and plans for the future.
11.29.14 - ACCRF Update
Recent developments in clinical trials, cell lines, patient assistance and more.
06.09.14 - ACCRF Update
A review of the ACCRF Scientific Forum at the Salk Institute, recent clinical trial developments, NIH grant announcements and patient...
12.15.13 - ACCRF Year-End Letter
A blend of annual accomplishments, patient education resources and clinical trial developments.
10.18.13 - Update for Researchers
A review of recent developments, including The Landscape of ACC Research, orphan drug designation for Dovitinib, the International MYB Conference,...
06.18.13 - More on "Quiet" Genomes
Yet another seminal study of ACC genomics reveals “quiet” genomes with relatively few molecular alterations in most tumors. The implication...
05.31.13 - Genomic Findings, Clinical Trials & Patient Activities
The past few months have seen a flurry of significant research findings. A major scholarly article depicts the landscape of...